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Buat pemakai pidgin dan yahoo messenger..alias YM
bisa mencoba fitur auto reply untuk membuat chatting kita jadi lengkap :D
misal lagi ga ada di tempat..kasih aja keterangan di autoreply nya
auto reply:lagi mojok ma luna maya ;))

untuk pidgin..
silahkan download plugins dll di sini

setelah download...taro di progfile/pidgin/plugins

jalankan pidgin...lalu klik pada tools -plugins-autoreply
silahkan setting sesuai sama yang kita mau..kata-kata dan waktu tampil auto reply nya

sedangkan untuk yahoo messenger..
silahkan download software auto reply dari link dibawah ini
klik sini
lalu intall..dan ikutin petunjuk nya..
oiya software tersebut trial selama 30hari...jadi masih ada iklan nya :D

opera turbo

opera turbo..satu lagi inovasi baru dari browser opera

apa itu opera turbo?
Opera Turbo bukanlah nama baru untuk browser Opera. Ini adalah suatu teknologi di mana data terlebih dulu dikompres oleh server Opera kemudian baru masuk ke browser yang kita gunakan sehingga lebih hemat bandwidth.

Cara kerja Opera Turbo mirip dengan cara kerja Opera Mini. Bedanya adalah Opera Turbo tidak merender Javascript di server mereka, sehingga Anda tetap bisa menikmati efek-efek cantik dan interaktif dari suatu website yang menggunakan Javascript.

Karena data dikompres dulu di server Opera, maka data yang masuk ke komputer/handphone akan sangat kecil sehingga pengguna GPRS/3G atau pelanggan internet ber-quota akan sangat terbantu. Menurut situs Uber Gizmo, kecepatan akses bisa meningkat hingga 3.5 kali setelah menggunakan Opera Turbo.(source om philryan @opera indonesia )

jadi misal selama ini kita menggunakan software-software pengompres image untuk mempercepat browsing/loading suatu web seperti toonel.onspeed, slipstreame...seperti yang aku bahas di sini

kali ini dengan opera turbo..tak perlu lagi kita menginstall software2 tersebut..maka data sudah akan di compress di server opera sana...

benar-benar suatu terobosan yang sangat jitu ..dan sekali lagi..opera pelopor nya :D

untuk melihat-lihat dan mencoba opera turbo..silahkan klik link berikut ini

How to speed up Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 - A Consuming Experience

How to speed up Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 - A Consuming Experience

Entrecard Toolbar for Firefox

The toolbar is available at the link below. Please note the following::

* The toolbar only works with Firefox 3. This will not work with other web browsers.
* You must have an Entrecard account, the toolbar provides no functionality otherwise.
* The toolbar should be compatible with Firefox on all operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux
* Under NO circumstances should you download the toolbar from any other source than Entrecard itself. Using modifications by third parties may result in the theft of your account information.
* The Entrecard toolbar does not keep track of any browsing habits or information other than that directly relevant to your Entrecard operations. If there is no widget on a page, the toolbar will pay no attention to it.

The latest version of the toolbar is currently 0.9. New versions of the toolbar should be downloaded to your browser automatically when it restarts.

Important: When you click on the link below, a bar may appear at the top of the window asking whether you wish to allow this site ( to provide extensions. You need to click Allow if you want to use this toolbar.

here entrecard addons for mozilla firefox 3
very-very usefull addons

Do you feel the limit? 600ec per ip

re you happy with the new rules 600ec per ip address with entrecard?
I understand fully the side of Entrecard, they want to eliminate or minimize the abusive use of the system, penalize those people that are spamming the system that's good! but limiting those bloggers that are genuinely using entrecard for traffic and not for financial gain is a torture.

I have two blogs, i religiously drop 300 each blog, i read and comment on every site that "interest" me, i meet a lot good bloggers along the way...i love the traffic that i am getting especially when i am at the top 3 of my category, my husband has 1 blog too! meaning it's 900ec we drop each day using the same ip address which did not pass the new rules.

New Rules Stinks
Spamming is always a problem -- oh! i wish we can just shoot them, there, that kills the problem but we can't maybe in our dream. I find the new rules stinks, it affects the honest droppers, the genuine people that rely and believe in their system to generate traffic.

Money is the root of all evil
Spammers join Entrecard not for traffic but to earn money, they use and abuse Entrecard for financial gain -- maybe if Entrecard will remove the money value of EC that will eliminate the problem, i know it's so easy to say but many will not agree with me because there are some that are genuine droppers that are enjoying the little amount that they earned for selling credits but sometimes we need to sacrifice something isn't it traffic is the main purpose of Entrecard?

Cause and Effect
Cause - Eliminate the cause of the problem; The amount valued on each EC causes spammers to create many dummy blog and entrecard account for financial gain...the result SPAM the system.

Effect - Then, Entrecard thinks of best way to deal with the spammers is to limit the drops per IP to 600ec a day, ouch!

Two head better than one
Okay in this case they might be more that one, but If Entrecard asked for some suggestion before implementing the new rule this might end up a better and good system than 600ec per ip.

We are not sure if this is going to change yet after some bloggers commenting and dis-agree with this new implementation but as per phirate:

We will not be changing this policy, it was a necessary change as the result of a number of users creating large numbers of inactive blogs then dropping 300 for each in order to "earn" credits.

All of us who genuinely use Entrecard to gain traffic and not for financial gain will feel the pain of limitations, not enough freedom to promoting our site.

The only option for those that genuinely use Entrecard for traffic and have more than 2 site in their ip address is to think of which blog do you want to prioritize and sacrifice the other blog, this is big sacrifice if you ask me or alternate the site to promote each day, all we have to do is make an adjustment in our part, forget about this 600ec per ip and move on, big sigh!.

What about you? have you noticed the new rules? do you feel the pain of less freedom? or you just want to move on and see what happens next hoping it will benefit us.